Biblioteka Miejska w Lyonie – 30 lat w dzielnicy Part-Dieu: historia i współczesność

Gabriela Meinardi


[The Public Library in Lyon – 30 Years in Part-Dieu District: the Past and the Present]

The aim of this article is to make a Polish user acquainted with a quite unique French Public Library in Lyon, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of its existence in a new building. The first part is a brief story of the library development – the most important dates and facts. The next part presents the role and tasks of the Part-Dieu Library as a national institu-tion of the region. The description of the library interior makes it possible to visualise the most interesting objects on each of the five floors. The automation introduced 30 years ago had its stages, too. The article presents the most important ones. The summary just touches the cultural activity of the Part-Dieu Library and emphasizes its crucial role in Rhônes-Alpes region.

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Francja; biblioteki; French Public Library in Lyon; historia

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