Wybrane dokumenty archiwalne z lat 1842–1848 dotyczące powstania Księgarni Zagranicznej (Librairie étrangère) w Lipsku

Hanna Batorowska


[Selected archival documents from the years 1842–1848 concerning the establishment of the Librairie étrangère in Leipzig]

The article refers to the research that was carried out about 25 years ago and focused on the life as well as the publishing and book-selling activity of Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz, a participant of the November Uprising who spent his whole adult life on emigration in Leipzig and Dresden. The author of the article refers to archival materials pertinent to Librairie étrangère used in the book titled: Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz polski wydawca i księgarz w Saksonii w czasach Wielkiej Emigracji (Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz – Polish publisher and bookseller in Saxony in the time of the Great Emigration) and some unpublished facts that appeared in a PhD dissertation with the same title. The author draws attention to a publication by Jan Oberbek who has been promoting J. N. Bobrowicz in the music circles for years, being fascinated with his guitar compositions and virtuoso play thanks to which master Bobrowicz earned himself the name of a Chopin of the guitar. The article also points to the necessity of continuing the research in order to find answers to numerous questions posed in the author’s book that have been only scarcely answered by Jan Oberbek.

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Librairie étrangère in Leipzig; Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz; publishing movement in the 19th century; Great Emigration; Jan Oberbek

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