Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne we Lwowie w latach 1921–1939. Zarys działalności

Danuta Domalewska


[Polish Economic Society in Lviv in 1923–1939: an outline]

In Poland, torn between the three partitioners, the awareness of the importance of science for the country, and of the necessity of its development gave fruit in the form of first scientific societies in three big centres: Krakow, Poznan and Lviv. Regaining independence by Poland revealed a great need of citizen’s economic education, and of new cadre of specialists. The most intense development of scientific societies, and their greatest influence on the country’s economic and educational policy took place in the period between the World Wars. This article presents the scientific, organizational and educational activity of the Polish Economic Society in Lviv in years 1923–1939. Special attention is paid to the publishing activity of the Society, e.g. Rozprawy i Sprawozdania (Dissertations and reports), Przegląd Ekonomiczny (Economic Review), and especially to the papers published in the series Biblioteka PTE (The Society’s Library), which concerned the issues most important for Poland, i.e. problems of economy, new theoretical trends in Polish and foreign economy, education of the society, and economic and professional secondary and tertiary education.

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Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne we Lwowie; historia

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