Obrazy przemocy fizycznej we współczesnej polskiej fantastyce grozy

Ksenia Olkusz


[Depiction of violence in the contemporary Polish horror fiction]

This article looks at the way scenes of violence are constructed in the recent Polish horror fiction. An indispensable ingredient of horror stories are scenes which set off the most negative experiences and associations in the reader, causing the feeling of anxiety, apprehension, or fear. The construction of violent scenes is closely connected with the reader's readiness to imagine them in the familiar contexts of reality, in which way they trigger specific associations resulting from the deeply rooted interpretation of particular signs. The violent scenes in horror fiction chiefly serve to depict the fictional world in such a way that it should seem mysterious, uncontrollable, and dangerous. Thus, the genre convention quite strictly defines the character and method of depiction

Słowa kluczowe

literatura popularna; literatura polska; przemoc

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