Działalność bibliotek szkół wyższych na podstawie przepisów prawnych (w wyborze)

Halina Grzywacz


[Functioning of academic libraries and the law (selection)]

The focus of this work is reviewing the most important regulations concerning the libraries of higher schools and determining their organization and functioning. After the analysis of quoted legislative works in the area of the law and library functioning, numerous conclusions suggest themselves concerning the place of libraries in the traditional and digital world. It turns out that the work of libraries and librarians is greatly influenced first of all by regulations within the limits of higher schools law-making. In the world of modern technologies, there is overwhelming influence of the copyright laws and the regulations connected with the country’s informatization and the policy of intellectual property protection, directed by  the European Union. The whole of the discussed issue leads to a sad conclusion that, despite considerable involvement of the librarians’ environment (which is proved by the number of publications and reflections exchanged in journals), Polish legislation for higher schools libraries is not prepared to fulfil a modern role.

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biblioteki naukowe; prawo; Polska; 20 w.

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