Udział biblioteki Branickich z Suchej w powszechnej wystawie krajowej we Lwowie w roku 1894

Jolanta Szczerba


[The participation of the Branicki Library from Sucha in the 1894 General National Exhibition in Lviv]

The Second General National Exhibition took place in Lviv in 1894. One of the exhibits was the library of counts Branicki from Sucha. The curator of the museum and library collections, Michał Żmigrodzki, prepared an album entitled The library of counts Branicki in Sucha, which outlined the history of the library and presented its structure and functioning. He noticed the richness of the collection, which at that time consisted of over 26 thousand books, including 22 incunabula, 683 sixteenth-century prints, 2246 of seventeenth-century volumes and 7000 eighteenth-century books. The album comprised 30 pages with drawings  and photographs of the palace and the library chambers. Apart from the album, Żmigrodzki sent to the Exhibition the map of Sucha and its surroundings, the map of industrial centres of the area, and a miniature model of the palace with marked library chambers. The album and other exhibits from Sucha were to be displayed in the pavilion of counts Potocki from Krzeszowice. However, due to the fact that the transport had arrived in Lviv very late, they were not qualified for the Exhibition. Owing to Żmigrodzki’s efforts the album was presented six weeks after the opening of the Exhibition, in the pavilion for literature, journalism and reproductive art.

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Braniccy (rodzina); księgozbiory prywatne; historia

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