Kształtowanie postawy kreatywnej użytkowników informacji na przykładzie doświadczeń bibliotek duńskich i holenderskich

Hanna Batorowska, Halina Kosętka


[Shaping creative attitudes of information users – based on the experience of Dutch and Danish libraries]

The clients of modern libraries have precisely defined needs, and the existence of libraries depends on the way in which those needs are satisfied. An unquestionable determinant of the library functioning is the adoption of a client-friendly orientation. Ignoring the demand for new forms of services, the quality of service and a different work-style of the modern information users will inevitably lead to the realization of the catastrophic scenarios of school and library development. A library is not an institution that merely serves gathering, storing and granting access to information; it is not a centre for transmitting and processing data. Such thinking, typical of informatics, devastates the ideology of library and entitles local authorities to make motions to close libraries and promote exclusively electronic forms of communication. Therefore the challenge to the modern libraries is to work out new forms and methods of cooperation with the information users of the post-modern era, and to harmonize those methods with the process of creating the organizational culture of a client-oriented library. However, it is not necessary to invent everything from scratch. Many interesting suggestions and solutions can be found in the work of libraries functioning in countries that possess longer and richer experience in this field

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Holandia; Dania; biblioteki

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