Bibliotheca Alexandrina – „czwarta piramida” – świetność z gruzów

Gabriela Meinardi


[Bibliotheca Alexandrina – „the fourth pyramid” – splendour risen up from rubble'

The aim of this article is to take a double look at the Alexandrian Library – as the ancient storehouse of antiquity and as the new Alexandrina, which originated from the old one’s ruins. The introduction presents the reason why the decision of restoring and opening the new complex has been made. Part one makes us familiar with the brief history of the Alexandrian Library during the reign of succeeding rulers. It contains the reference to its director and other distinguished figures of the ancient world, connected with the library. Seeking the answer to the vital question: what led to the fall of this empire of knowledge and who contributed to this – is the issue touched in the next part. The end section goes back to the new library called „the fourth pyramide” and explains how and by whom it was built. There are also mentioned the financial and personnel problems concerning the new Alexandrina, as well as the attempts to look for help from outside. The fate of fire going round the library closes the article, which finally ends up with the fire metaphore.

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Egipt; biblioteki; Biblioteka Aleksandryjska

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