Wydawnictwa Towarzystwa Miłośników Książki w Krakowie (1922–1962)

Teresa Wildhardt


[Publications of the Society of Bibliophiles in Krakow (1922-1962)]

The Society of Bibliophiles, established in 1922 in Krakow, the leading bibliophile society of the inter-war period, greatly contributed to the cultural output of the country. The Society realized its goals through organization of lectures, exhibitions, bibliophile auctions. However, a particular emphasis needs to be placed on the publishing activity of the society comprising book publications, magazines and leaflets. The article presents general characteristics of the publications of the Society and a few selected representative positions, which were described in detail. The society created a peculiar type of book - a bibliophile publication, realizing the format of ascetic typographical beauty. The characteristic features of the publications of the Society of Bibliophiles were the lightness and transparency of composition resulting from the operation with the printing material

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Towarzystwo Miłośników Książki (Kraków); wydawnictwa

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