Kultura informacyjna w szkole

Hanna Batorowska


[Information Culture at School]

The information centres emerging at Polish schools in recent years, more and more fre-quently constitute an integral part of the innovative activities of a given educational institu-tion. Those projects, similarly to other educational schemes, are created for the purpose of improvement of the efficiency of education. Unfortunately, more and more often they are accompanied by the measures aiming at reduction of the costs spent for education. Those measures result in changes of the system of values recognized and established by the school as an institution hitherto. That is reflected, among others, in the approach to the need to create modern multimedia didactic centres. Development prospects can be guaranteed for such cen-tres not only by money, but mainly by the demand of schools for the services which they per-form, as well as by the quality of those services. That demand, however, is the result of the information awareness of school and local communities, which is unfortunately very low. Therefore, it is necessary to undertake educative activities consisting in spreading the infor-mation culture in those environments. Such activities are best based on the concept of the school information culture, and that in turn is best built with energetically operating school information centres.

Słowa kluczowe

kultura informacyjna; użytkownicy informacji

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