Muzeum Marii Konopnickiej w Żarnowcu jako ośrodek kulturotwórczy

Paweł Bukowski


[Museum of Maria Konopnicka in Żarnowiec as a Culture-Creating Centre]

The article describes all of the major culture-creating accomplishments of the Museum in Żarnowiec during the 45 years of its activity in 1957-2002. It presents the circumstances of creating the Museum founded on the national gift for Maria Konopnicka, and also characterizes the profile of the collection and of the most valuable artistic, historic, and literary relics. Currently, the collection of the Museum in Żarnowiec comprises 3500 artifacts, 11 000 book volumes, and 3000 items within special arrays (including almost 400 manuscripts). Among the collections, the jubilee collection, consisting of over 250 artifacts (laudatory addresses, honorary diplomas, albums, and other gifts which Konopnicka received in 1902, on the occasion of 25 years of her literary work, from various societies, institutions, and persons from the three partitions, as well as from European countries and America) has been described most extensively. The article characterizes the diverse work of the institution in the scope of exhibition, academic, research, and publishing, as well as cultural, educational, and promotional activity. New forms of events are also discussed, such as meetings with authors, evenings with poetry and music, declamation and art contests. In total, during the 45 years of its activity, the Museum organized, among others 78 temporary exhibitions (including 8 touring ones), 24 academic sessions and for the general public, 79 concerts, 12 evenings with poetry and music, 21 meetings with authors (including 6 book promotions), 5 art contests, and 4 declamation contests.
In its considerations, the article attempts to show intense activity of the institution in the scope of organizing cultural and academic events on occasions of anniversaries and jubilees. It also shows the broad contacts of the Museum with many centres in Poland and abroad -particularly emphasizing the wide cooperation with the media and the promotional activity.

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Konopnicka Maria; pamiątki; Muzeum Marii Konopnickiej w Żarnowcu

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