Rola naukowców Politechniki Lwowskiej w rozwoju czasopiśmiennictwa technicznego drugiej połowy XIX – początków XX wieku

Renata Samotij


[The role of scientists of the Lvov Polytechnic in the development of technological press in the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century]

The article presents the organizational, editorial and publishing activity of the scientists of the Lvov Polytechnic in the area of scientific research and popularization of science and technology. The paper characterizes some of the periodicals, specifies their goals, programmes, and structure; it also presents the publishers, editors and authors, and discusses the main themes of their publications. The increase in the number of scientific and popular press publications, and making new contacts between the Lvov Polytechnic and other scientific centres contributed to the development of science and to the popularization of knowledge of technology and natural sciences. The paper draws attention to the most  characteristic feature of the publications, i.e. the fact that their creation, editing and printing were directly connected with the activity of the Lvov Polytechnic. High professional standards of the periodicals are evidence of the achievements of the polytechnic scientists in the field of scientific-technological journalism.

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Politechnka Lwowska; czasopisma techniczne; historia; Lwów; 19-20 w.

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