Prowincjonalni wydawcy i ich osiągnięcia w Galicji Wschodniej w latach 1861–1893

Agnieszka Hajduk


[Provincial Publishers and their Accomplishments in Eastern Galicia in 1861–1893]

The outlaying and publishing activity in 19th century is frequently the subject of library scientific studies, and still there are many things worth researching. The present study is an attempt at presenting the activities of provincial outlayers and publishers in Eastern Galicia in 1861-1893. A significant growth of their production occurred during the years of autonomy, when the provincial towns became decidedly more active. During the studied period, 873 publications in 903 volumes and 57 periodicals were produced in Eastern Galicia. The great-est contribution to the typographic production was made by Przemyśl, Kołomyja, and Tarno-pol (over 100 items). In the process of the analysis, it was noticed that the most prolific publisher of that time was Józef Pawłowski, operating in Tarnopol, who published 81 books. Michał Biłous, a pub-lisher from Kołomyja, had an equally large production. Large contribution to the publishing activity was made also by Jan Rosenheim and Feliks West in Brody, Ozjasz Zukerkandel in Złoczów, and Jan Czaiński in Sambor. The repertoire of the provincial publishing houses included mostly belles letters, as well as educational, occasional, and religious literature. When studying the printings from the formal perspective, one has to admit that all of the pub-lishers paid attention to good quality of their publications. The analysis of the production of provincial publishers made it possible to determine and evaluate the considerable contribution of the publishing centres of the province of Eastern Galicia to the development of the national culture and readership in the country in the second half of 19th century.

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Galicja wschodnia; wydawnictwa; historia; 19 w.

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