Sytuacja na frontach i polityka międzynarodowa w konspiracyjnych czasopismach społeczno-kulturalnych Krakowa okresu II wojny światowej

Ewa Fogelzang-Adler


[The Situation on the Fronts and the InternationaL Politics in the Underground SociaL and CuLturaL Magazines in Krakow during World War II]

The underground social and cultural magazines published in Krakow during World War II devoted a good deal of space to present information about the situation on the fronts, and news concerning international politics. The analysed subjects were presented mainly in "Watra", and also in "Wiadomości Kobiece", "Hejnał", Czuwaj, "Odra-Nisa", and "Za pługiem". International issues (including the policy of the Polish government in exile) were frequently connected with statements about the military situation. The news from the fronts emphasized firstly the information favourable for the Polish society, e.g. about successes of the allied forces, or about things that could forebode favourable course of the war events. Further on, the unfavourable communications were given. The notes and articles about international events concerned mainly three problems: the policy of the Polish government in exile, the relationships among the allies, and the moves of the "axis states". Most of the time, the information concerned the most up-to-date events. Considerable space was occupied by statements about the Polish situation on the international arena, as seen especially in the context of the struggle for the correct borders after the war. The issue of the current and future Polish-Soviet relations, as well as the prospects of the relations between Poland and the Czech Republic and Germany was directly connected with it.

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Kraków; prasa; historia; 1939-1945 r.

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